Fiat e500 electric

This electric car is part fun, part beautiful design, and all electric. Most of the added cost can be attributed to its electric drive systea 24. Wh lithium- ion battery pack that powers a front-mounte 111-hp electric motor and provides.

The peppy electric motor makes it a hoot to drive in the city and makes it complacent on the highway as well. The Bad The inclusion of a stand alone TomTom navigation . Used Nissan Leafs, for instance, can often be found for around .

Get in-depth information and analysis on every 500e, including the Battery Electric. See what kind of fuel economy the 500e gets, starting with the Battery Electric at 1mpg city, 1mpg highway and 1mpg combined. Despite the growing appeal of the Tesla Models S and X, and excitement about a coming 200-mile-range Chevy Bolt, plug-in electric vehicles still account for a. FIAT 500e BATTERY ELECTRIC.

So I was very curious to see how the electromorgrificationizating of the 5would turn out, and the result, the 500e, is quite impressive. On a 240V circuit, the 500e will charge from empty to full in about hours. In an effort to reduce “range.

The Micro-Vett Daily is a full size electric delivery vehicle converted from the Iveco Daily. Battery-Powered Sold exclusively in The Golden State, the 500e is actually .

As the plane began its initial descent into Portlan I felt the initial pangs of range anxiety — an emotion electric -vehicle drivers often feel when they fear their cars might run out of juice far from a charger — come over me. I was flying from Los Angeles to Portland for a long weekend to visit friends and family. Produced to order in Italy by Micro-Vett, the Fiat e5is now available to order.

It will be produced in very limited numbers with prices expected to be from £750pcm on lease purchase or £ 2000 . If the vehicle goes in to limp home mode, incompatible software between Electric Vehicle Control Unit (EVCU) and Battery Pack Control Module (BPCM) may cause the electric. Acceleration is phenomenal from stop due to torque from electric motor, and no shifts. It reminds me of takeoff in the MD-9 acceleration with just the sound of the nose gear wheels spinning up. The company seemingly has no interest to release the model in other markets. Topics about purchasing, buying, leasing, discussions with dealerships, etc.

The addition of electric power has transformed the 5from quirky idiosyncrasy to consummate city car. Matches – Find a used Fiat for sale near you! Research and search for a Fiat from customer reviews, expert reviews, and more. About All- Electric Cars. Unofficial MPG Estimates from Vehicle Owners Learn more about My MPG Disclaimer.

User MPG estimates are not yet available for this vehicle. Fiat 5E Electric (Yes electric ).