Nero assoluto

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Nakts vēl tikai sākas – tā ir neizteiktu apsolījumu pilna. The iconic toger print collar reminds us that this polished exterior . It was especially designed for women who are not afraid to stand out and assert .

This sophisticated fragrance is made elegant by orchid and sensual by intense black vanilla. The rich combination is finished with the unique scent of ebony wood. Blocks and slabs vary in appearance and dimension. As this is natural stone, all pictures are a rough guide.

Close- up Polish Close-up Lether Close-up Honed Close-up Hydro Close-up Riven Slab. We offer full-service from measuring-up to installation of granite, quartz and marble kitchen worktops. Contact us for autoquote of stone worktops.

Black like its well-known namesake, this stone captivates by its platinum coloured , regularly spread iridescent and cloud-like shaped spots.

The created effect makes the black surface appear fascinating and luxurious. You may also be interested in. NERO ASSOLUTO INDIA is a black colour granite from India. Check now real time availability in our online warehouse!

Dimensions, 3x 1cm. Loading Updating selection. Its elegance is bestowed by its precious and ultimate quality key ingredients.

A seductive orchestra of orchids, paves the way with a captivating top note that attracts attention and awakens the senses. Nero Assoluto , is a black granite. An intense, sensual and refined interpretation of Roberto Cavalli is signature eau de parfum. This rich combination is finished with the unique scent of ebony wood.

These two new additions come in the standard Lapitec thicknesses of 1 2 and 30mm and are available in seven different finishes, ranging from luminescent Lux to the more structured . Hofmann Stone, a leading expert for natural stone and facade. Sand stone and waldstein, mollusc chalk und granite from own quarries. For facades we offer complete solutions in stone engineering including structural analysis and elementing.

This dark, sexy fragrance is great for date night! Tall cabinets and wall units in Noble Veneer Eucalyptus.

This classy scent by roberto cavalli has notes of orchi citrus and vanilla to capture the nostrils of everyone around you. Multi- dimensional and dy.