The sky is the limit for your floors. Ob Boden, Wand oder Decke – was zählt, ist Ihre Idee. Limited Only By Your Imagination! The PANDOMO brand encapsulates high-end decorative surface finishes for walls, floors and ceilings. THE SWIRLY, VEINED LOOK OF POLISHED MARBLE, WITH MODERN LUSTRE.


Zu den vielen Gründen, warum Laminat so beliebt ist, gehört ausser dem guten Preis-Leistungs- Verhältnis auch seine Ro- bustheit. Zudem ist die Auswahl an Dekors so gross, dass kaum ein Wunsch offen bleibt. Und moderne Laminatböden sind so verarbeitet, dass . Pandomo – designer flooring with style.

See what people are saying and join the conversation. EPOXY 和 PANDOMO 地坪施工完成後為什麼不能立刻入 EPOXY 和 PANDOMO 屬於液體材質,施工完成後都需要給予養護期,提升材質的穩定度。 EPOXY 和 PANDOMO 鋪設方式相近,鋪設完成後材質都需要一段時間才能完全硬化,建議最好給有 ~ 天的養護期,主要是讓材質更具穩定度。養護期中,不建議將重物直接放於 . Cost effective, yet highly adaptable to your requirements, we can deliver amazing finishes in your home, garage, retail, commercial or industrial environments. The PanDOMO range of products creates a decorative, seamless and very hard wearing surface for floors, walls and ceilings.

Engineered Solutions for Tiling, Flooring and Waterproofing.

Jako finální bezesparý povrch se specifickou . PANDOMO by ARDEX is a modern surfacing system that provides total architectural design freedom. The Lindner Group is the leading specialists when it comes to flooring systems . Use: Initial care: Prior to opening the PANDOMO Floor to foodtrafic, after applying the PANDOMO SL Stone oil an initial care has to be applied. The initial care can be done with PANDOMO WP. Specially formulated cementitious compound engineered with selected cements, polymers, additives and fine fillers.

PANDOMO Wcan be coloured with PANDOMO CC pigmented dyes to a wide range of colours and hues. When mixed with water it gives a supple mortar which can be applied as a finishing compound in . There are five ranges of colours: light, natural, pure, bright and accent. Each shade can be individually changed to offer the perfect . Comprised of a wide-ranging system of ARDEX high . DS Interior Services in Cyprus.

ARDEX ARDURAPID offers the perfect substrate while PANDOMO Loft offers flooring with character. A further development of PANDOMO Floor, this flooring solution is suitable not only in public and industrial areas, but has also proven itself in private use as its unique texture and consistency allow for an almost infinite .