Sikaflex 291i

Multifunctional adhesive sealant for marine application. White, grey, black, brown. Density (uncured) (CQP 006-4).

The sealant is remarkable for elastic joints and vibration-resistant seals for interior applications. Its medium modulus allows bonding applications with limited stress and thanks to the wide adhesion range . Get free shipping on all orders to any West Marine Store near you today.

FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. All purpose flexible marine sealant. Bonds extremely well to all . This was developed as an all-purpose flexible marine sealant that will bond with all the standard materials used in boat construction. It is a non-structural adhesive, ie light duty, one-component polyurethane, with high elasticity . Sikaflex 291i is one of the market leading Sealants . It has high adhesive power on materials used for boat building. This professional grade adhesive and sealant is used by boat.

Excellent sealer, may be used for many light duty bonding applications, and is designed for above and below waterline use.

Fast cure for quick jobs. The 291i quick drying white sealant is touch-dry in just minutes. Zum Abdichten von Durchführungen und Kabeldurchbrüchen, Naßzellen, Süllabdichtungen, Segmenten, Luken und Verbindungsstellen, Ventilationsleitungen, Fensterkästen . Product name or Trade name : 1. Free delivery on eligible orders of £or more.

With the new polyurethane i-Cure technology. It is moisture curing creating a long lasting elastomer. Sika 291i is the market leading Sealants and Adhesives for use in the Marine Industry and boat building and is perfect for a wide number of applications.

The best marine sealant on the market. Shop with confidence on eBay! Monikäyttöinen meritiiviste vesilinjan ylä- ja alapuolisiin käyttökohteisiin.

Kuivuttuaan se soveltuu elastisena materiaalipintojen väliseen iskun- ja värinän vaimennukseen . Multi purpose marine adhesive and sealant used where quick set is of high importance. Bestel online bij Kitcentrum.