Smart glass

Smart Glass is the future of windows. Standard License. A short video of a switchable smart glass sample from SPD Systems Inc. The Smartglass Official Animation shows how Electronic Switchable Glass works.

Dieter Bohn got an exclusive first look. What could have been just an Apple AirPlay imitation, is something more ambitious.

Something that could change television forever. Single glazed toughened switchable smart glass for privacy, video projection and merchandising. Forget those pesky shades, this window lets you adjust the tint with a push of a button. The downside of giant banks of windows or glass walls, though, becomes obvious when the relentless afternoon sun makes the heat and stuffiness inside intolerable, requiring clammy and environment-damaging levels of air conditioning.

The makers of “ smart glass ” say they can address this problem. We manufacture, distribute, and install electronically controllable smart glass that controls light and privacy of windows, skylights, doors, and partitions. With a thermal camera, heat and cold is now visible to the naked eye and colour tells the temperature story.

Blue areas on the glass are cool while green and yellow areas are warm.

You can see how ordinary glass lets summer heat pass through the window unhindere while. A new generation of smart glass which can fade between opaque and transparent could allow the development of see-through fridges and other applications. When you hear about companies raising tons of money for “ smart glass ,” the first thing that hits your mind might be something augmented reality-related like the HoloLens. But View, which just closed a $2million funding round after securing $million from BlackRock alongside an earlier investment . SmartGlass captures the heat and reflects it . See what people are saying and join the conversation.

APPLE is almost certainly working on a pair of augmented-reality smart glasses , but what would they look like? Intel has launched an impressively light, regular-looking set of smart glasses called Vaunt, confirming rumors from Bloomberg and others. The film switches seamlessly from tinted to clear, allowing direct control over the amount of heat and light entering your case.

The result is a secure case that provides maximum protection against light exposure. RavenWindow offers the latest in dynamic glass smart window technology, with our patented thermochromic automatic tinting windows! Buy the latest smart glass GearBest.

Recycled glass repurposed into beautiful handmade jewelry. Our purpose built factory is based to the south of Cairo in the wonderful and historically important setting of El Fayoum covering 40square metres. SMARTGLASS “THE NEW REVOLUTION IN GLASS PROCESSING”.