Swamp ash

Swamp ash is a common name for several North American trees in the genus Fraxinus which may grow in swamps and other wetlands. The wood of swamp ashes is relatively low in density and is used in the construction of musical instruments. Swamp ash may refer to: Fraxinus caroliniana, native to the southeastern . Our facility produces Birdseye Maple Lumber, Curly Maple (Tiger Maple) Lumber and we stock over species of exotic wood.

Swamp Ash lumber, turning woo hobby wood and instrument wood.

You will find it in our In-Stock. I always thought swamp ash was supposed to be brighter than alder. I have the same pickup in my Explorer, a swamp ash guitar and an alder guitar with maple cap. The Explorer growls as I expected.

The Alder with maple sings like nobodys biz. Has more of an airy tone The Swamp ash. The word swamp does not refer to a species of wood but actually to a zone where ash grows.

There are different ways to describe what is actually the same tree, which by growing in different areas of the USA (north or center or south) develops almost totally different characteristics.

So we have red ash also known as . Some of the best sounding Fender Guitars were made from Swamp Ash. About years ago Paul Reed Smith Guitars started producing a guitar made entirely from Swamp Ash. Strong, dense, straight-grained and light in color, American ash is commonly used in everyday applications, including flooring, furniture and baseball bats. There are two types used to make guitar bodies—northern ash, and southern or “ swamp ” ash. The latter is more commonly use and was chosen by Leo Fender for his . We are inspired by music that is performed by.

Doing my own bodies, bought hard templates, ready to go. I go shopping online for (cough, ahem) swamp ash. I know eddie van halen used lite ash before he started using basswood in his guitars. It has sweet mids, taste like caramel to my ears.

From the Godin Premier Atelier The exquisite Passion series models reach new heights in craftsmanship and innovation. Handcrafted using superior tone woods in the Godin Premier Atelier in Richmond Quebec. Twangy, airy, sweet tones, and legendary Les Paul sustain.

Electric Bass Body: Swamp ash , One-piece maple neck, Neck profile: C, Fretboard: Maple, Scale: (long scale), Medium small frets, Nut width: mm, Bone nut, Fretboard radius: 18.