Akyver Sun Type polycarbonate cladding and roofing systems offer thermal insulation and lightness for all your indoor or outdoor applications. Advatage is easy and simple . AKYVER 16mm ECO is polycarbonate twin-wall sheet in size 16mm with new dihedral structure with separation of twin-walls only 11mm. New structure of sheet offers optimal combination of good mechanical features of thermal insulation in very favorable price.

It is suitable especially for flat but also for arch roofing of . Panely jsou opatřeny zámkovým systémem pero-drážka , který umožňuje jejich vzájemné spojení bez dalších pomocných nosných prvků.

PC Plastics from Kaysersberg Plastics. Special treatments for multi-wall polycarbonate sheets. Coating reflecting infrared and ultraviolet rays. I Direct incorporation in coextrusion.

I Reducing greenhouse effect. I Natural light inside the building. DS SMITH manufactures and markets innovative cellular polycarbonate panels and systems for cladding and roofing applications.

DS Smith also offers a wide range of plastics solutions to enhance the pro. Réalisations neuves ou rénova- tions, notre produit est conçu pour les bâtiments industriels, agrico- les, commerciaux, de stockage, ainsi que pour les établissements recevant du public (gymnases, salles de tennis et autres bâtiments publics).

La gama está compuesta por Akyver SUN TYPE y Akyver CONFORT (incluye un tratamiento reflectante de partículas metálicas integradas por coextrusión). Las placas Akyver están fabricadas con granza de POLICARBONATO y se . The information contained in this document is for information purposes and is not contractual. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the product and its technical characteristics. This information has been supplied in good faith and does not in any way constitute a guarantee for specific conditions of use. Le Groupe Spécialisé n° 5. Produits et procédés de couvertures de la.

Utilisation : en bardage et shed. Polycarbonate alvéolaire. High performance and light-weight multi-wall roofing and cladding polycarbonate sheets offering cold bending capacity and good impact resistance. Translucent, it allows natural light to invade the building also reducing electricity bills. For more information on the product, click here.

Akyver : Matière: Système de bardage et de couverture connectable 16mm en polycarbonate alvéolaire.