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As with many other synthetic polymers, it is produced by different chemical firms with slightly different formulas . It is a molecule containing the functional group of carbon bonded to two –OR groups. Polyoxymethylene ( POM ) is a thermoplastic material also known as acetal. POM plastic is a semi crystalline thermoplastic with high mechanical strength and rigidity. Acetal polymer has good sliding .

Among plastic materials , it is one with the most crystalline structure. Note that if two dependency versions are at the same depth in the . Also ideal for use in parts that require a little tolerance. PET – Polyethylene terephthalate (Sustadur, Ertalyte) Especially suited for mechanical parts that require a high level of precision. The material is extremely wear-resistant and has a low friction coefficient, as well as low moisture absorption.

Open material calculator . For the Instructor: POM Presentation Slides for Students ready to project on a screen.

Copy of POM Discussion Guide. POM is not or difficult to bond with an adhesive. Bonding is only possible with cyano-acrylaat after the application of a primer.

With cyano-acrylaat it is not possible to bond. Polyacetal or polyoxymethylene ( POM ) has a low coefficient of friction, good dimensional stability, and high temperature resistance. Applications Gears Bearings Valve and pump housings Lawn equipment Injection Molding processing conditions Drying Not required but store the material in a dry atmosphere. Characteristics: Strong and har high dimensional stability, low moisture absorption, outstanding sliding characteristics, very low creep characteristics, good machinability, good weldability, favorable electric and dielectric behavior, POM -C has the ideal . At Sculpteo, we use rectangle sheets of copolymer, a derived version of the original material that preserve its . Hardness shore 85± SHORE, ISO 868. POM is the abbreviation for polyoxymethylene or polyacetal and belongs to the group of high-crystalline thermoplastics.

This co-polymer type offers the ideal combination of tensile strength, high rigidity and great wear and tear resistance. It also has a high resistance to moisture absorption, is easy to process and is . Polyoxmetylen (polyacetal, polyformaldehyd) homopolymer POM -H a kopolymer POM -C jsou plasty s vysokou pevností a dobrými mechanickými vlastnostmi podobnými polyamidům, ale na rozdíl od nich mají výrazně nižší nasákavost. Základní vlastnosti POM materiálu.

Kvalitný konštrukčný materiál.

Materiálová skupina: POM. Vyššia pevnosť, tuhosť, rozmerová stálosť a dobrá obrobiteľnosť ho predurčuje na výrobu presných aj tvarovo zložitých strojárskych dielov. Má takmer nulovú nasiakavosť vo vode – nízka . Nejběžnější zpracovatelské procesy pro polyacetal jsou vstřikování a vytlačování (desky a tyče), ale také je možno použít vyfukování a rotační tvarování.

POM se používá především pro technické díly, kde výše popsané vlastnosti materiálu přinášejí nějakou výhodu v porovnání s . POM material grades offer excellent sliding and wear characteristics. Although its UV resistance is low, this can be improved with stabilisers. Sealing applications for POM include: slide bearing, bearing, back-up ring, moulded . The given values are based on a limited number of tests on standard test pieces ( 2mm sheets) produced in the laboratory.

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