Bamboo slate

Write naturally with pen on any paper, then store, shape and share your notes and ideas in the cloud. Segui Notebook Italia per essere informato in anteprima su fiere ed eventi e sugli ultimi tablet, computer. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

The Slate is an athletic-coach-style clipboard note-taker, while Bamboo Folio ($ 2on Amazon), a concurrently released variation, works similarly albeit with a different form factor that features an integrated cover. Pen-to-paper digital capturing tools have been around for a little while now, but they still seem like magic. One year ago, Wacom came up with the Bamboo Spark, a device that can digitally record what you write on a normal notepad with the included Wacom ballpoint pen.

It also came with an extra pen refill, a refill remover tool, and a microUSB cable for . Write your notes and ideas naturally with a pen on any paper. With the Inkspace cloud service . What about the Moleskine . Wacom wants to make the classic pen and paper a little more high tech. The Slate and Folio basically allow you to draw and write like you would on . Write on any paper and with a push of a button convert your handwritten notes and sketches into digital files.

Bamboo Slate by Wacom is a simple handwriting-to-digital tool.

Free Delivery on orders over £50. Capture handwritten notes on any paper and with a push of a button your handwritten content is saved digitally for organizing, editing or sharing. Works seamlessly with cloud-based services, . Just like at school, we love getting good grades. Even more so when they come from product reviews!

If not, no worries, here is quick recap of what got us this 7. Shop with confidence on eBay! Liked: Convenient, easy to use, Works with any kind of paper, Pen is comfortable and light Disliked: Advanced text and search features require an additional paid subscription. The Wacom Inkspace app is for your Intuos Pro Paper edition, Bamboo Spark, Folio and Slate. It replaces the Bamboo Spark app. Use the Wacom Inkspace app to turn what you write or sketch on paper into digital ink directly on your Android device.

MANAGE YOUR NOTES AND DRAWINGS Browse and manage all your. Two attractive and functional designs, two different paper sizes, and the new features of the Wacom Inkspace app and cloud services, including vector output . Order online and spread the cost with a flexible littlewoods. Bamboo Folio is a smart pad that allows you to write naturally with pen on any paper, and with the push of a button convert your handwritten notes into living digital files.

You can use practically any pencil, pen, etc of your choice and onto which you can insert the Magnetic rings provided by ISKN. The magnetic ring allows you to use any pen, .