Enthought Canopy provides a proven scientific and analytic Python package distribution plus key integrated tools for iterative data analysis, data visualization, and application development. Users have the ability to extend and innovate with scripting and open platform APIs, driving the creation and sharing of innovative . A canopy can also be a tent, generally without a floor. Use Canopy to discover the most useful, beautiful, and well-designed products on Amazon. Canopy definition, a covering, usually of fabric, supported on poles or suspended above a be throne, exalted personage, or sacred object.

An Australian fighter pilot shot down in combat awakens suspended in the treetops.

As night devours day, he must navigate through dangerous jungle in search of. Define canopy : a cloth covering suspended over a bed — canopy in a sentence. Listen to Canopy Radio Watch Canopy TV.

It synchronizes the Congress and encourages the development of whole, complex and balanced Kingdom lifestyles. Canopy plants and cares for trees where people need them the most. We bring the life-giving benefits of trees to Mid-Peninsula communities. The Canopy software was created to help tax professionals save time with practice tax resolution software that works!

Now you can use a full size, honest-to-god keyboard with your device.

Canopy is only compatible with the latest Apple Magic Keyboard. UI testing simple: Solid stabilization layer built on top of Selenium. Death to brittle, quirky, UI tests. CANOPY is an exceptional network of shared workspaces for both accomplished professionals and aspirational entrepreneurs alike – a sophisticated and diverse community of thinkers, creators, builders and innovators.

We cater for those who appreciate a more inspiring, contemporary design environment, insist on . Synonyms for canopy at Thesaurus. Dictionary and Word of the Day. Whatever your destination, get more than a boutique hotel. Get ready for a positive stay. Explore a great neighborhoo with Canopy as the streetlamp illuminating your location.

Canopy by Hilton brings a modern boutique hotel experience. Enjoy with guest- directed service and thoughtful local choices. Most dishes are prepared “a la minute,” . Climb and swing your way through the levels, avoiding the crazy monsters! These modern farmhouses offer an incredible opportunity to enjoy all the best of Ranch Life. Some plans have rooftop decks that offer captivating views of the surrounding open spaces and rolling hillsides.

Canopy – Accessing Intra-Tumor Heterogeneity and Tracking Longitudinal and Spatial Clonal Evolutionary History by Next-Generation Sequencing.