Madeira surf

Most visiting surfers stay on the southwest coast, either in the villages of Jardim do Mar or Paul do Mar, as the area offers consistent surf at a variety of spots, and is usually protected from the prevailing NE winds. If the wind turns onshore on the south coast, which can happen during stormy weather, the north shore is only a . Almost every surfspot is rocky and powerful. No waves seem to break under six feet in the winter months.

The pearl of the Atlantic is rising from the ashes of its volcanic origins.

The western coast of the main island is a surfing paradise that you must visit. The island is lapped by the waters of the gulf stream with warm comfortable summers and mild winters. But I was never really one for advice.

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The lessons are accessible to all ages and suitable for all levels of experience.

Combine productive work with hiking in the stunning nature of an Atlantic island. Work productively in this beautiful location, and then take breaks to hike in subtropical rainforests or for . Powerful waves, rocky shorelines and empty lineups. Book your surf school, surf camps and surf houses in advance.

Packages for everyone Adults, children, Families, groups. Its main cashflow comes from tourism and surfing is an increasingly popular activity. The unique and beautiful landscape is . It is especially appreciated for its world-class waves! In these Islands, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the waves break perfectly. The best time to surf is between . You will be amazed at the beauty as you find yourself captivated in a rocky coast, mountains and banana plantations.

So at first sight these beaches may look scary. Water temperature varies between 18ºC and 21ºC all year roun se. It was really a surprise for us to discover that we had great conditions to surf.

Alagoa is in center of Porto da Cruz , a small bay reef break and sand that has quite consistent surf.

Ideal swell direction is from the northwest and north. A left hand reef and a good right hand near the rock when the swell is from northeast. Best around mid tide when the tide is . Many of the people who supported the seawall originally are now complaining about its size and lack of asethetic.

Classes are accessible to all persons and suitable for all levels of learning.