Marazzi cult

The articles of this collection are elaborated in the delicate color gamut. The tile surface is semi-polished. Resembling the water flow, the texture of Cult captivates by its natural look and pleasing tactile sensations. Large-sized tiles in square and rectangular versions, four colour shades. Carreaux de grande taille . In questa pagina trovi il 60×60.

Leggi la descrizione completa per tutte le altre informazioni. Free delivery on eligible orders of £ or more. MHNLISTELLO METALLO 2X( 12). Ideal for floorings or wall coverings, these tiles give your room and elegant and satin- finish look.

The collection is characterized by having finely textured veining that lend warmth and appeal to the room. II Geroglifico Anatolico, pp. List of additional signs. The transcription of the logogram and translation of the word are dependent solely on the identification of.

Shop with confidence on eBay! Mindestbestellmenge: Karton = 3. Quantitá minima: Cartoni = 3. Minimum quantity order: box = 3. Marazzi , cult , black, rett. Halmasuit represented the ceremonial throne in the form of a dais recalling the Persian takht, which the . Nicht DHL versandfähiger Artikel. Versicherter Versand per Spedition.

Pět barevných odstínů tvoří tuto kolekci dlažby, která napodobuje dřevo. Maximální rozměr dlažby je 60xcm. Dlažby, které jsou v této sérii představovány, jsou pololeského povrchu, velmi elegantního vzhledu. Tuto dlažbu je možné použít na podlahy a stěny bytových i nebytových interiérů, všude tam, kde . I grandi formati, quadrato e rettangolare, quattro nuance di colore – tra cui il nero dal forte carattere e . New work on congregational cult sites and their Christian equivalents ( monasteries) supports the idea that religion also lent a hand in stimulating trade.

MHJI Cult Off White piastrella rettificata in gres fine porcellanato colorato in massa di 1° scelta.