Materiál pa6

Typical of PAis a high degree of toughness and easy processing. It produces parts with a good damping capability that are also highly shock-resistant when dry and in cold conditions. Je dobre obrábateľný, lepšie sa však obrába materiál PA6G – liaty polyamid. Pri použití dielov z PAje potrebné brať do úvahy jeho nasiakavosť a zmenu objemu pri pohlcovaní vzdušnej či vodnej vlhkosť, ako aj brať do úvahy jeho pomerne nízku odolnosť voči kyselinám a zásadám.

Farebné prevedenia materiálu: Natur.

This article focuses on unfilled PAand PA66. What is the difference between PAand PAthen? Here is a summary: PAcompared to PA6. Ultramid Polyamide B: PA (unreinforced ) from BASF is a tough and strong material affording parts with good damping characteristics and high shock resistance even in the dry state and at low temperatures.

Ultramid PAis distinguished by particularly high impact resistance and . POLYAMIDE ( PA, PA66) materials and compounds. Polyamide (PA) 6 of natural, white and black (dyed Master Batch) color extrusion grade pellets.

The material suits for injection molding and compounding and can be glass or mineral . The PA– X0by BASF fine polyamide powder is ideal for high performance functional parts parts requiring high accuracy, strength and thermal distorsion. Polyamide Nylon or polycaprolactam ( PA) is one of the major engineering thermoplastics. Applications structural applications bearings Injection Molding processing . PAnanocomposite is based on the semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymer polyamide (= Nylon 6), filled with exfoliated layered silicate platelets. The information presented on this datasheet was acquired by UL IDES from the producer of the material. UL IDES makes substantial efforts to assure the accuracy of this data.

However, UL IDES assumes no responsibility for the data values and strongly encourages that upon final material selection, data points are. Plastic Raw Material Pa, Wholesale Various High Quality Plastic Raw Material PaProducts from Global. Nylon finds application in a broad range of products requiring materials of high strength.

It is widely used for gears, fittings, and bearings, in automotive industry for underthehood parts, and as a material for power tools housings. Nylon is used as thread in bristles for toothbrushes, surgical sutures, and strings for . On the other han the specific evolved gas profiles in air are quite different for different . Remarks: Danger of slipping on spilled product. Discharge or processing of this material may result in electrostatic charge.

If necessary, take precautionary measures against static discharges.

The likelihood of health impairment in normal use of the product is considered to be very low. Informationen on Tarnamid. PAPlastics from Grupa Azoty S.