Quick step impressive

Quick Step Impressive Ultra. We are guaranteed to be the best price in the UK! Synchronised Wood Structure. Extra Wide (1- 239mm).

The range features waterproof laminate using hydroseal technology, making these floors ideal for rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. For further information please get in touch with us.

It is also available as Impressive in the same designs at a 12mm thickness, the Impressive Ultra 12mm Range. Uit voorraad leverbaar – Hoge klant tevredenheid – Niet goed geld terug. Due to the addition of Hydro-seal to all the joins, this is the most waterproof laminated floor ever manufactured.

En exposition dans nos showrooms de Gosselies et Court-St-Etienne. Nombreuses références de stock. Radość zakupów i bezpieczeństwo dzięki Programowi Ochrony Kupujących!

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As experts in the flooring market we supply and install the highest quality Laminate flooring, Solid Wood flooring, Engineered wood flooring, Vinyl flooring, Carpet Flooring, all aspects of commercial and . These boats offer a secure, dry cabin at the end of the day an for an impressive price, you can soar with.